What is our vision?

Club Ethos

New Brighton Victoria FC believes in promoting fair play and player development, through instilling resilience and social values.

A New Brighton Victoria FC club member encourages fair play for all. They are committed to the individual player development on and off the pitch and feel that even play time helps to promote positive relationships based on equality. All players are celebrated, creating a resilience that the results are only part of the game.

Giving back to the local community encourages players to see the importance of social values. Fundraising for our sponsored charities allows football to be more that the results, and develops our members love for team sports.

As a club we are committed to these core values and need every member to help create a positive atmosphere. Our players will make mistakes and we will use our ethos to create a positive atmosphere.


Fair Play

We encourage fair play through teaching players to show respect to coaches, referees, and other players. We expect players to shake hands at the end of each match. In return we believe that equal play enables all to grow.

Player Development

All players deserve the right to be trained equally. For players demonstrating our values we promote equal playtime and offer 1 to 1 training on a rotational basis.


The end result for every match is a feeling that the team has tried hard. Through encouraging fair play and development, we hope to instill the concept that the game is about more than the end result.

Social Values

Our commitments to developing players on and off the pitch means that we are focused on dedicating time to the local community and our sponsored charities.

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